Feb 21, 2011

Beauty/Chanel ss2011 image

Make up: Ernest Muntaniol/Chanel
Model: Elizaveta Strok
Video: Vladimir Grigorenko
Producer: Anna Orlova/Vogue.ru

Feb 13, 2011

Current mood/Silence

Some people need it.

Feb 4, 2011

True inspiration/About four incredible guys I met

Hakim Laoufi Dudkowski
He is a Medicine student from Belgium. At first sight I was charmed with vampire magnetism, death aesthetics and touch of misery in Hakim's blog. He loves Paris, beautiful people (especially those who do not know it), opium candles and many many interesting conceptual demonic things...

Frol Burimskiy
Frol's 'North-West' is one of the most talented blog on Vogue.ru. He is a true 'Perfect stranger' in compliance with the title of his fashion and movie inspired blog. I met him at  3.14 opening the second time. You know, if you'll see this guy once, you'll never forget his charisma and perfect style.