Dec 21, 2011

bomber theme for girls/may I just say... very!

pics by Michaël Smits

fringed ann d ss12

I don't care about annd ss12, but these fringed vest and gauze robe (btw. with burnt touch) are fairly good.
images by some/things

Dec 20, 2011


Huh... finally!
I found my favorite sweater, actually, after lots of torments.. and some pictures of it.
I made it about two years ago, when my hair were much shorter, then now, btw.

Dec 8, 2011

back in the USSR.

Yesterday we went to the concert of the Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra with my mom. It was my first time in State Kremlin Palace omg for the last seven or more years, not sure, and we listened to Strauss. There isn't everything what I feel now on these pictures (at the 'Biblioteka imeni Lenina' subway and inside the State Kremlin Palace), anyway, it feels like 'back in the ussr' vibes in the center of Moscow...

Dec 6, 2011

wind/hair/coat/blood and Iron Maiden

Phenomena (1985)/by Dario Argento
best of horrors. i'm completely in.
current music Iron Maiden