Mar 7, 2012

Mar 5, 2012

just finished Dostoyevsky's 'The House of the Dead'

A little story on the night...
Forensic psychology was one of my favorite disciplines at the University about two years ago. We had a practice in the court as experts of psychology. So, I've just remembered my strongest impression. It was.. his eyes... the eyes of a person who killed a human (because of money)... It's impossible to explain the feelings and I can talk (or even whisper) about it only because I've just read the book.
Maybe you could understand something reading these quotations.
'There are people who, like tigers, are greedy for blood. Those who have possessed unlimited power over the flesh, blood, and soul of their fellow-creatures, of their brethren according to the law of Christ, those who have possessed this power and who have been able to degrade with a supreme degradation, another being made in the image of God; these men are incapable of resisting their desires and their thirst for sensations. Tyranny is a habit capable of being developed, and at last becomes a disease.'
'How much joyless youth, how much strength for which use there was none, was buried, lost in those walls!—youth and strength of which the world might surely have made some use. For I must speak my thoughts as to this: the hapless fellows there were perhaps the strongest, and, in one way or another, the most gifted of our people. There was all that strength of body and of mind lost, hopelessly lost. Whose fault is that?'

The House of the Dead (Prison Life in Siberia)
by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Mozart - Trio in C, Madrid 2011/Lidia Nochovska, piano

proud of my sister Lidochka!♥
i'm crying when she's playing... this is something more than only truth.