Nov 13, 2012

Gaultier Junior cropped MA-1 and red sheepskin by Viv

THE FACE, september 1988
photography Anthony Gordon


  1. Editorials back then where so much better. It felt more real, like that girl could be me

  2. these pictures are absolutlley f -brilliant !!!
    who is the anthony gordon ?
    what is he doing now
    its unbelievable the clarity , energy , reality and color of the photography , you just don't see this realism and integrity today .

  3. i couldn't agree more -
    this work is like a perfect series of movie stills ,they take you right there to the happening in the most articulate focused and fantastic manner , today's fashion and photography as a whole is for the most part so much less authentic , believable or exciting ,I think he did other stories with the same "ALEX" subject for THE FACE magazine in the late 1980's- BERG publishing did a major story on him and the work "ALEX EATS" with some professor fashion writer , essentially they said he was a genius ,way ahead of his time.

  4. i think this photographer was huge in the late 1980s and 1990s,worked a lot for conde naste and Vogue, i recall he did a killer story for miss vogue , french vogue and german vogue, the models , men and women allways looked so present and hot while still totally believable ! a real killer , allways on....., where is he now ???